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APOLLO Greek Mythology Tattoo Sleeve Ideas

Symbolises harmony, reason and moderation

Apollo is one of the most popular Olympian gods. He represents the sun, light, music, poetry, healing, plagues, prophecy, knowledge, order, beauty, archery and agriculture. Like a male version of Aphrodite, Apollo was considered to be beautiful, beardless, with an athletic physic. He also appeared to be younger than the other gods. He is often pictured with a laurel crown, a bow and arrow or lyre and plectrum. Due to his vast remit, he is also represented by many animals from the wolf, dolphin, python, mouse, deer and swan.

Popular tattoo representations of Apollo include his statue-like face and torso. So, to avoid being repetitive, we have looked far and wide to bring you the most extensive variety of artistic tattoo styles for Apollo and Greek mythology tattoo sleeve ideas. Take your time to peruse the collection below to see if your next tattoo sleeve idea is hiding in there.