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Are you a Talented Artist? Exhibit and Sell your Designs for Free- thanks to Redbubble!

Are you a talented tattoo artist?

Covid has put a real dampener on the tattoo industry, with shops closed around the globe, putting a strain on artist income and livelihood. However, there is a company out there that is helping artists promote their art and get PAID, without needing skin. Who and how?

Queue Redbubble. This great site gives artists a platform to promote and sell their designs to new global audiences. So how does it work? RedBubble provides artists with a range of high-quality products such as T-shirts, phone cases, wall art, home décor, stationary, gifts etc, to place your designs on. You simply upload your artwork, choose the product you’d like it to appear on and then set the price for the product by adding your margin to a base price provided by RedBubble. 

What’s attractive about Redbubble is the convenience. They handle the transaction, the printing, delivery and customer service. The best part is that you retain 100% ownership of your art and control where it appears. Check out RedBubble and see how you can benefit!

Find your art on Redbubble

We believe RedBubble to be a great, genunine platform that promotes and celebrates the work of talent artists, which aligns with our mission. As affiliate partners we do earn a commission from sign ups.