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ARTEMIS Greek Mythology Tattoo Sleeve Ideas

Symbolises the moon, hunting, chastity, nature and childbirth

Artemis was a young Olympian Goddess who was known to be beautiful and pure. She was a virgin and an enthusiastic hunter, usually seen carrying a bow and arrow and wearing a short tunic. The animals associated with Artemis are the stag, doe and hunting dogs. She is also sometimes pictured wearing a long robe and a crown with a crescent moon.

Being in charge of the moon, Greek mythology sleeve tattoo ideas of Artemis include her sitting on a crescent or holding the crescent moon. Artemis makes for a strong feminine tattoo and can symbolise fierce love, hope and strength. We’ve curated a collection of the best Artemis tattoo sleeves we have come across to give you inspiration for your next tattoo or tattoo sleeve. Take note of the ones you like to give your tattoo artist an good idea of what you are after.