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Female Arm Sleeve Tattoo Design

Tattoo sleeves are the most popular request that tattoo artists get by far and more women are getting on the bandwagon. As arm sleeve tattoos are becoming more popular and accepted in society, more women are getting in on the action and breaking down the social barriers that sleeve tattoos are just for men. This female movement has manifested a new perspective in society and the tattoo world. 

Full sleeve tattoos are commonly bold and masculine designs that are aligned to male tastes. In the past, a woman wearing a full sleeve tattoo would have been considered rough and masculine. However, with more tattoo artists catering to female tastes, women no longer have to compromise their femineity when getting arm sleeve tattoo. Female arm sleeve tattoo designs are vast and varied, from dainty and delicate through to strong and bold, women have an infinite choice of designs that they can wear proudly and still feel beautiful. 

Many female arm sleeve designs surprisingly start above the arm.  A women’s shoulders, neck, collar bone and upper back are unassumingly beautiful and sexy and many arm sleeve tattoo designs start from there and run down the arm, making them more attractive. 

If you are currently researching female arm sleeve tattoo designs, choose a tattoo based on what you perceive as beautiful, what you believe in or how you want to portray yourself. A sleeve tattoo is an exposed and big piece of art, so you want it to be a true representation of you. 

Sleeve tattoos are for people who are not afraid of commitment, however they require a lot of homework prior to getting inked. So how do you prepare for a female arm sleeve tattoo?

1. Collect tattoo ideas and inspiration:

Firstly, start by scrapbooking, collect tattoo styles and designs that you like. Look out for tattoos on females, as males tend to have bigger arms so their tattoos may not be the best representation of how it would look on a smaller arm. Below we have a collection of female arm sleeve tattoo designs to give you inspiration.

2. Tattoo meanings and symbols:

Once you decide on some styles and designs, think about the symbolism. What motifs, imagery, animals, words, etc. do you want included in the tattoo design? Put the symbolism in order of priority, better still, if you already know where you would like each element to appear on your arm, note it down. As a rule of thumb, images on your upper arm will usually be larger than images on your forearm. This information will help a tattoo artist understand your vision while still giving them creative licence. 

3. Find your tattoo artist:

When trying to find a tattoo artist, look for one is experienced in tattooing the style you want. However, having a tattoo artist who is nearby or in an area that is convenient to travel to will save time and money, as you will need to visit them multiple times depending on the complexity of your tattoo sleeve design.

4. Book a consultation:

Once you have found your tattoo artist, book a consultation with them. In this meeting you’ll get to know more about them, how they like to work, how many sessions your design requires and importantly the cost.

5. Don’t go cheap!

The number one rule when getting something as elaborate as an arm sleeve tattoo is DON’T GO CHEAP! Sleeve tattoos by experienced and reputable artists are going to cost some serious coin. These guys are usually highly talented and take a lot of pride in their tattoos so it’s worth every cent, start saving for the artist you know will do a great job. 

Don’t be hasty and settle for a cheaper alternative if you are not 100% sure about them. Remember, a sleeve tattoo is a permanent and very exposed piece of art on your body that is an extension of you. Give it the patience, time and money that it deserves. 

6. Plan the tattoo sleeve journey:

As arm sleeve tattoos take several sessions to complete, you will be donning an incomplete sleeve for a period time, therefore it’s important to discuss the approach with your tattoo artist. Questions to consider are; do you want to have the complete outline done first with the shading and colour to come later? Or, do you want to start with complete pieces which eventually form into a tattoo sleeve? Do you want to start at the top of the arm or at the bottom of the arm? All of the answers will need to be hashed out prior to starting the tattoo sleeve so you can enjoy the tattoo journey as well as the final result. 

Greek Mythology Tattoo Sleeve Ideas

7. It’s time to get inked!

Once you have done a rigorous amount of preparation that you are happy with, you are ready to sit in the chair and start your tattoo. This is both exciting and daunting. We won’t lie, it will hurt, but it will be completely worth it in the end when you can proudly show off your arm sleeve tattoo.

One final note…

Although society is progressing with their acceptance of tattoos, we still have a little way to go. An arm sleeve tattoo will attract a lot of attention- wanted and some unwanted attention- especially as a female, which make take a little while to get used to. People will be curious and possibly make judgements, it comes with the territory so don’t let it dishearten you. Take it in your stride, be proud and get ready to talk about your tattoo, it’s a representation of you!

Check out our collection of the best female arm sleeve tattoo designs for inspiration for next tattoo…