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Half Sleeve Tattoo Man

Half Sleeve Tattoo Man

Half sleeve tattoos are all the rage! They are the most popular type of tattoo requested by males, and for a few good reasons…

Firstly, they are a clever option if you want to be discreet about having a tattoo, especially at work or a place of worship. Half sleeve tattoos can easily be covered by a long sleeve shirt and sometimes even by a short sleeve shirt if the tattoo is on the upper arm.

They are also a great starting point for a full sleeve tattoo. Not only do half sleeve tattoos look good on their own, they can also help you decide if you want to commit to an entire sleeve. If you decide not to, the half sleeve will still look amazing, whether it be on the upper arm or forearm.  

Full sleeve tattoos cost significantly more than half sleeve tattoos due to the number of hours and visits it takes to complete a full sleeve tattoo design. On the other hand, a half sleeve tattoo can be done in a just few sessions- on average they take 9 hours to complete, depending on the complexity of the design. You can also choose to leave the inner arm tattoo-free, as the half sleeve can still look good wrapped around the arm without connecting on the inner-side.

Half Sleeve Tattoo Designs for Guys

Half sleeve tattoos on a man look great, however there are few things to consider before inking up…

Half sleeve tattoos that are large designs look especially good on men with toned arms, biceps and shoulders. The curve of the arm provides a great canvas that adds depth to designs, so 3D tattoos look very impactful. If you don’t have toned arms but still want a half sleeve tattoo, speak to your tattoo artist about the best way to achieve the tattoo you want. A good tattoo artist will create or modify a design to suit your arm shape. In the collection below, we have included some designs that would suit a smaller arm.

It is strongly recommended that you do your homework and spend time with your chosen tattoo artist to get the design right as half sleeve tattoos are very noticeable. There really is no room for error on a half sleeve tattoo as the surface area is too small to provide enough margin for a cover-up tattoo, which requires approximately double the space.

We’ve trawled tattoo parlours, our community and the web to show you a collection of the best half sleeve tattoos on a man that we’ve come across to give you some inspiration. No matter what size your arms there is something for everyone…