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HERA Greek Mythology Tattoo Sleeve Ideas

Symbolises marriage and fertility

In Greek Mythology, Hera is Zeus’ wife and the Queen of Olympus. She represents marriage and fertility which is interesting as she didn’t have a happy one herself due to Zeus’ many affairs. 

Hera is usually pictured as solemn faced wearing a robe, crown, wreath or veil. Hera is sometimes seen holding a pomegranate capped sceptre and a cuckoo on her head or shoulder or peacock by her side. The pomegranate represents fertility and the cuckoo represents how she was tricked into marriage by Zeus. In short, knowing she loved animals, he turned himself into a Cuckoo, which she cradled in her breast, when he revealed himself, she couldn’t live with the shame of having a man on her breast pre-marriage so she married him.

Hera is represented in so many different ways, you can get really creative while still maintaining the symbolism of Hera in your tattoo sleeve. We’ve spent endless months curating a collection of the best Hera sleeve tattoos we could find. We encourage to have scroll through and take note of the ones you like as this will give your tattoo artist a good idea of the design you are after.