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HERMES Greek Mythology Tattoo Sleeve Ideas

Symbolises herald and messenger, god of interpretation and trickster.

Hermes was an unusual god, he didn’t carry the same vein of characteristics like the others. He was in charge of roads, flocks, commerce and thievery. Considered cheeky from the day he was born, he can move between the living and the dead worlds.

He is most notably characterised by his winged sandals, which has made the wing tattoo on the ankle very popular. Another popular characteristic is a short-winged staff. This is a wand with two wings, entangled by two serpents. The wand has magical powers, it can transport people in and out of sleep. Hermes is sometimes also seen wearing a broad-brimmed hat with a purse.

We have crafted a collection of the best Hermes tattoo sleeves in the world to give you some inspiration for your next tattoo. Have a look through and take note of the elements you like as this information will give your tattoo artist a better idea of what you want.