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POSEIDON Greek Mythology Tattoo Sleeve Ideas

Symbolises the sea. 

Poseidon is God of the Sea. Hot blooded and violent, and has the power to cause earthquakes, floods and tsunamis.

Similar to Zeus, Poseidon looks distinguished with piercing eyes, thick curly hair and a beard. His most recognisable feature is his trident and he’s often pictured riding waves. Poseidon is also sometimes represented by the dolphin.

In Greek mythology, Poseidon was worshipped by sailors and fisherman so he could look after them at sea. Poseidon tattoos are masculine and strong. This tattoo sleeve is a great idea for people who spend a lot of time in the sea such as surfers, Navy personnel, swimmers, etc.

We have searched high and low to find the most creative and inspiring Poseidon tattoos out there. Have a look through our collection and make note of the elements you like as this will help your tattoo artist create something you both love.