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Where to Buy Tattoo Sleeve Cover Up?

Where to Buy Tattoo Sleeve Cover Up

As much as we love showing off our tattoos here at, there are still many traditional workplaces that have a no visible tattoo policy. Workplaces that usually have these rules include medical, hospitality, law and government. Also, there may be conservative places where you’d rather cover up your sleeves to avoid judgement such as corporate functions, formal events or places of worship.

There are some great options out there to help you cover up your tattoos. If the tattoo is smaller than the size of a coaster, then cover up tape and make-up concealer options work great. However, if you have a large half sleeve tattoo, forearm sleeve tattoo or a full sleeve tattoo, the tape and concealer are not practical. Queue, tattoo sleeve cover up…

Tattoo Sleeve Cover Up

Tattoo sleeve cover ups are light weight, stretchy and commonly flesh coloured sleeves that you can roll up your arm to cover your tattoo sleeve. They come in a range of different lengths suitable for all types of tattoo sleeves, from a half sleeve through to a full sleeve tattoo. A full tattoo sleeve cover up cover sits just beneath the armpit and runs all the way to the base of the wrist. 

If you have tattoos on the back of your hands, you can get tattoo sleeve cover ups that extend to your knuckles and have a hole to feed your thumb through. However, if are likely to get your hands wet or dirty, it’s best to use a the cover up tape or a concealer option which don’t cover your palms. Check out our top picks below for tattoo sleeve cover ups:

Tat2X Ink Armor Premium

Tat2X sleeves come in a variety of sizes, ranging petite/youth, all the way through to 3XL. They have an extensive range of colours and designs, from flesh coloured, to corporate friendly colours, all the way through to bright and fun colours and designs.

Tat2X sleeve tattoo cover ups are made from a lightweight nylon/spandex blend that moulds to the shape of the arm. It has an in-built non-slip gripper at the top of the sleeve to ensure it doesn’t roll down and also a no chafe seam for maximum comfort. What’s more, the discreet design has no tags and no visible logo.

Tat2X tattoo sleeve cover ups are sold in a single unit, if you need to cover both arms, make sure you buy two.


These guys are the original creators of tattoo sleeve cover ups. They have a range of cover-ups specifically designed to hide tattoo sleeves in the workplace. They have a smooth and comfortable design that also offers UV protection, ensuring your tattoo won’t fade in the sun.

TatJacket comes in range of corporate friendly colours such as white, tan, brown and black, making it easy to match with work attire. When it comes to sizes, they offer three common lengths: 4″ wrist tattoo covers, 8″ covers for forearm tattoos, 9″ covers for half sleeve tattoos and 17″ tattoo sleeve covers for full arm tattoos. TatJacket tattoo cover ups come in a pack of 2, great if you have tattoos on both arms or have a spare when the other one wears out.

Keklle Skin

If need a shorter tattoo sleeve cover up, Keklle Skin cover ups are great. They only come in flesh colour and have a discreet design with no tags or visible logos.

The tattoo sleeves cover ups are made from a breathable nylon material, making them super comfortable and snug on the arm. They also have a non-slip grip cuff at the top to hold them up for hours.

Keklle Skin tattoo sleeve cover ups come in a pack of two and are designed as a one-size-fits-all. They are 7.48″ in length and cater for an arm circumference size of 8.26″ to 12.59″. These sleeves are not suitable for upper arm coverage as they maybe too tight so please measure up before you make your purchase.


Although these sleeves aren’t designed to be tattoo sleeve cover ups, they do the job pretty well given the price. They come in a range of colours with a seamless design and are created with a soft cooling fabric that nicely hugs the arm. Newbyinn sleeve cover ups use a special weaving technique which allows it to have one-size-fits-all versatility.

These guys also offer a full sleeve design which has a thumb hole, making it a great option for coverage of full sleeve tattoos that extend down to the hand.

One thing to note with these sleeve cover ups is the size; this option is most suitable for people with biceps that are smaller than 13″ and wrists that are smaller than 8″ in circumference. These sleeve cover ups also come in a pair!

In Conclusion…

We hope this short-list of the best tattoo sleeve cover-ups has given you some viable options for covering up your tattoo sleeve. If you recommend any other tattoo sleeve cover-up brands or products, please let us know so we can share it with our community.