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ZEUS Greek Mythology Tattoo Ideas

Symbolises wisdom, awareness, authority, destiny, battles and power.

In Greek mythology, Zeus is the ruler and king of all Gods and men and sits at the head of the throne. Being an Olympian god who dictated the heavens and the weather, he is usually pictured holding a sceptre and thunderbolt in each hand. He also carried an Aegis- an enormous shield and a wore crown of oak leaves, which was considered to be his scared tree. 

Greek mythology tattoo sleeve ideas of Zeus can include an image of the god himself or if you wanted to be a little more cryptic, he could be symbolised by the sky, sceptre, thunderbolt, Aegis or a crown of oak leaves. There are many different ways to represent Zeus so get creative; you can have a detailed tattoo sleeve that tells a story, all the way through to a simple lighting bolt. 

If you are going for the detail, ensure you have selected a highly experienced and talented tattoo artist who has done this level of detail and art previously. As you’ll see below, if done correctly, it looks absolutely amazing. 

Lastly, you want your tattoo to be unique. We have selected the best Zeus sleeve tattoos out there so we encourage to you take your time to view the images and make note of the elements you like, no matter how small. This will help your tattoo artist design something that you’ll love to show off.